The New Profit Accelerator Initiative

Empowering promising, entrepreneurs to pursue impact at scale

If we intend to resolve the nation’s most persistent challenges and advance opportunity in America, we need philanthropy that is increasingly adaptive, nimble, and effective at supporting problem solvers from under-represented communities.

New Profit has been working with social entrepreneurs across multiple issue areas for two decades. Our experiences have taught us that we cannot achieve our mission without improving our ability to both recognize and leverage the expertise and assets of diverse leaders who reflect the full breadth of the American populace. The New Profit Accelerator Program (NPAP) was established to support problem solvers from under-represented communities, while identifying and addressing the distinct, and often significant, barriers entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds face when building their solutions into sustainable institutions and networks.



The NPAP identifies, connects, advises, and invests in diverse social entrepreneurs who are creating innovative solutions to persistent problems in their communities. The NPAP features cohort-based programs.



In addition to directly supporting entrepreneurs, we also work to advance inclusive and transparent grantmaking that remove barriers to equitable leadership and opportunity in the nonprofit and philanthropic sectors. To achieve that, we document and share with the field all the experiences – both positive and challenging – that our participants encounter as they grow their organizations. We also work with NPAP participants to capture and share their individual stories with other funding institutions. By highlighting the assets and work that our diverse leaders bring to the table, as well as the patterns and systemic biases they face as they are advancing meaningful social change that addresses our nation’s most pressing challenges, we believe our work brings something uniquely valuable to the field and we hope to continue to improve these efforts.

New Profit Accelerators
1) The Women’s Accelerator supports visionary female social entrepreneurs.
2) The Proximity Accelerator engages innovative social entrepreneurs of color.
3) The Unlocked Futures Accelerator unleashes the expertise of social entrepreneurs who have been directly impacted by the criminal justice system.
What do NPAP participants receive?
  • New Profit provides $50,000 in unrestricted capital to each social entrepreneur to support the leadership and capacity building of his/her organization.
  • Grantees receive extensive technical assistance, coaching, and training designed to measurably enhance their programmatic impact, scale nationally, and achieve long-term financial sustainability. Topics include: (a) Revenue & Fundraising, (b) Strategic Planning, (c) Network Management & Field Leadership, (d) Organizational Development (e.g. Talent Development, Measurement & Evaluation, Communications), and (e) Leadership Development.
  • Structured peer support and access to New Profit’s large and influential network – a learning community of social entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and other changemakers at the annual Gathering of Leaders conference and through sessions designed for Accelerator participants.