At New Profit, we believe that the swiftest progress in advancing educational equity will be made when we break down silos and enable all of the different players in the education system to work together toward shared goals.

Our vision is that all learners access high-quality learning environments and education pathways that meet their individual and holistic needs to ensure they can achieve academic, life, and career success.

Achieving this vision requires greater collaboration and integration at multiple layers of the education ecosystem:

  1. Across the full education continuum, from early childhood to K-12 to post-secondary;
  2. Across different focus areas within education (e.g., personalized learning, social emotional learning, student health and wellness, etc.); and
  3. Across efforts to create and spread high-quality learning environments (both in school and out-of-school) and efforts to empower and activate students, families, teachers, and communities in designing and creating these learning environments.

We invest in key areas where we see opportunity for innovation and collaboration in the education ecosystem. Our work focuses on funding:

  1. Efforts to create and spread high-quality learning environments (both in school and out-of-school) that promote whole child development, individualized learning pathways, and learner agency
  2. Efforts to inform and organize parents, young people, teachers, and communities — individually and collectively — so that they can exercise their innate power to create and sustain these learning environments (please see our Parent Empowerment in Education website)

Our work also aims to integrate these two historically siloed parts of the education field. At the core of our work is an unrelenting focus on equity, including funding organizations that are led by people of color and ensuring that the innovations we support are designed to address the diverse needs of all students, particularly those who have been historically underserved (including students from low-income families, English Language Learners, students of color, and students with different abilities).

We enable innovation, collaboration, and equity in our education system by supporting and bringing together social entrepreneurs who are working to advance educational opportunities for these student populations in partnership with communities.