Early Learning Fund

Overcoming the Opportunity Gap by Giving Children a Strong Early Start

Through the Early Childhood Support Organization (ECSO) Initiative, New Profit will establish a public-private partnership that provides resources and aligns financial incentives to support better outcomes for children from low-income communities who are enrolled in center-based Head Start and subsidized child care programs.

The Early Childhood Support Organization (ECSO) Initiative offers an opportunity for funders and leaders in early education to develop a systems-level, scalable approach to improving the quality of learning in settings where young children from low-income communities are served.

ECSOs will serve as intermediary organizations that partner with these local center-based early childhood providers to help them implement the ECSO’s articulated program model, covering all the areas we know are essential for high-quality program delivery and long-term impact.

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ECSO Profile and Capacity

Successful ECSO candidates will have the capacity to:

  • Share their articulated program model with local providers
  • Provide professional development models and ongoing support to help local partners implement these proven models
  • Assist with helping partners continuously monitor and improve fidelity and impact

New Profit recognizes that applicants may need to partner with other organizations in order to provide all of the required design elements. Each applicant must identify one lead organization that is capable of scaling their model and partnerships.

Scale Benchmarks

ECSOs must scale their models through the course of the initiative to continue receiving New Profit funds. As part of the initiative, each ECSO will also receive advisory support from New Profit, including a New Profit “Deal Partner” who will serve as a strategic advisor to the organization’s leadership team and sit on the organization’s board.